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Essays and editorial

Hard Mother

U.S. Pavilion, Venice Biennale Architecturra, 2023


Fieldwork: Anthropology and Intellectual Labor in Ari Aster’s Midsommar

University of Texas Press, 2023

Epidemic Ecstasy 

Cambridge Journal of postcolonial Literary inquiry, October 2021

Paravictorianism: Mary Shelley and Viral Sovereignty 

Victorian Studies, October 2020

Right time, right place (with Jane Hu)

Post45 Contemporaries, October 2020

Cluster on Ling Ma's Severance 

co-editor with Jane Hu, Post45, October 2020

Great Games

Post45 Contemporaries, September 2020

Epidemic Empire: A Conversation with Anjuli Raza Kolb

The Revealer, May 2020

This Was Supposed to be Beautiful: A Failure

The Poetry Foundation, March 2020

Symposium on Phantom Africa trans. Brent Edwards 

editor, Syndicate Lit, March 2019

A New Alhmabra

The Poetry Foundation, September 2018


Scandal Folder

The Poetry Foundation, September 2018


Dumb Messenger

The Poetry Foundation, September 2018


Of Mice and ICE 

The Poetry Foundation, September 2018


Liberation Biology: On Britt Rusert’s Fugitive Science

Syndicate Lit, August 2018


The East is Still a Career: On Nasser Mufti’s Civilizing War 

V21, January 2018

Virtual Roundtable on Future Sex

editor, Public Books, March 2017


Pessoptimism of the Will 

Boston Review, February 2017


Eve and Writing, Hand in Hand 

Bookforum, September 2016

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