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blockprint of pangolin-like creature in gray

Body Blitz

Supervision: On Motherhood and Surveillance (MIT Press, 2023)


Janaab-e Shikva / Watchqueen

collection in progress, inquire here


Montreal Poetry Prize Shortlist, September 2020

Out of Our Barbarous and Savage Mode of Life

Small House, September 2020 

Color thief trans. from the Urdu

Word Without Borders, March 2020

Unflocked Heart (Important Bird Opera)

libretto for Ryan Moritz, National Audubon Society, August 2019


Erinyes limited edition chapbook (email to purchase)

Metro Pictures Gallery, January 2019


The Chandrasekhar Limit

Critical Quarterly, September 2019



Peach Mag, March 2019


Monsters and Minor Deities

Future Mare

Neap Tide

Reality Beach, January 2019


Parts Unknown 

The Aerogram, June 2018


Eye Bank trans. from the Urdu

Guernica, June 2018



Poetry Now, NPR and Poetry Magazine, May 2018


Raat ki Raani

Golden A

Great Adamant Sickle

FENCE, May 2018


Action and Contemplation

Bennington Review, April 2017


On Haze and Dust

Home Show, 2017

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